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Alaska is known for it's rugged terrain and challenging weather as perhaps no other place on earth. Alaskans therefore demand the best sporting goods, survival gear and outdoor equipment available. Alaskan style sporting goods are not just for comfort, but for your very survival in remote and harsh environments.



Whether you are looking for top quality outdoor gear for that long-awaited fishing adventure or hunting trip, or just gearing up for winter sports, kayaking, canoing or hiking, we have what you need!  We carry only the high quality, user- tested equipment you need to take you out into the wilderness and back again safely.

Alaska Survival Gear - What outdoor gear do you really need in your day pack for your next hunting or fishing trip?

Our list of Alaska Survival Gear items are the "must have" outdoor gear items for your day pack and can be seen at . This list of survival equipment has been culled from years of outdoor experience and the many outdoor articles and lists on the subject. These basic outdoorsman survival items, are frequently carried by hunters, fisherman and other outdoorsmen going into remote wilderness areas. The list of sporting goods and outdoor gear is also perfect for your Go bag (backpack) in a disaster survival situation.


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Cy's Sporting Goods and Outfitters
Cy's Sporting Goods is a full line Alaskan sporting goods store. Whether you are going hunting or fishing, Cy can provide all the gear you need at competitive prices. Cy and his expert staff are up-to-date on regulations and information on the best locations to hunt and fish. They will help you with license, tags and accommodations. Contact us at 117 Lower Mill Bay Road, Kodiak, Alaska or Phone: 907-486-3900.

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