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Experience an incredible sightseeing adventure tour to the High Arctic for Polar Bear viewing and visit an Eskimo whaling camp, an experience you will never forget on your Alaskan Vacation. Tours departing from Anchorage and Fairbanks.
Polar bear viewing tours in the high Arctic

Polar Bear Tours & Eskimo Whaling Tours

 Arctic Air Expeditions: Polar Bear Tours & Viewing & Eskimo Whaling Tours
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From as far back as the Village Elders can remember, legends are told that when the Polar Bears arrive, the Eskimo Hunters will have good luck and catch a whale.  Whaling starts in early September and the Polar Bears make the 150-mile swim from the icepack to the mainland around that time.  The villagers use the whale meat and blubber for subsistence and share the rest with the bears.  We have seen as many as 20 bears at a time in several areas. A few bears stay around some years through the winter but the highest concentrations are mid September through mid November.

Our trips depart Anchorage and fly via Fairbanks to one of several Inupiat Eskimo Villages located on the shores of the Beaufort Sea 250 miles North of the Arctic Circle.

Single or multi-day trips are available. They depart Anchorage 6:40am and return between 8 and 10pm.  Estimated time in Polar Bear country looking for bears 5 to 6 hours on a daytrip. We recommend spending at least one night in the village.  This allows night viewing and sunrise and sunset viewing when the bears are much closer. Spending the night gives us 30 hours in bear country and a chance for Northern Lights if the skies are clear.  A double cab 4-wheel drive truck or small bus is utilized for transportation on site.

Price includes air fair from Anchorage, meals and transportation during the Expedition and return air fair to Anchorage after the trip. 

In the event of weather delays, meals and lodging will be extra.  Passengers are encouraged to be flexible and allow extra time with other air connections.  Arctic cold weather gear is advised and rental can be arranged with prior notice.


Trip with one overnight – 5 participants    $ 2423.00ea.
                                          Extra overnights - add 668.00ea.

Trip with one overnight – 4 participants   $ 2594.00ea.
                                          Extra overnights - add 710.00ea.

Trip with one overnight – 3 participants   $  2787.00ea.
                                          Extra overnights - add 774.00ea.

Trip with one overnight – 2 participants   $  3051.00.00ea.
                                          Extra overnights - add 908.00ea.

Trip with one overnight – 1 participant   $ 3921.00ea.
                                          Extra overnights - add   1307.00ea.  

Our high Arcic adventures are based out of Barrow, Alaska. A visit to this mystic and remote Arctic land with its friendly and hardy Eskimo people is something that will create fond and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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